My internship report of 18 months teaming up with awesome people from SophiaCloud.


One of my very first works with Adobe Illustrator. The idea was to illustrate the team's members of my previous company.

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responsive web design

My first work on web design :
Geek School - a programation school based in Sophia Antipolis. I was in charge of all the visuals, photos, as well as the design and developpement.

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2D animation

First video project at Egencia
Short introduction video capturing the vision of the company in 1'46".

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School project - Illustration on The Little Mermaid (La Petite Sirène)
It's a sad story, yes. But maybe you will have a slightly happier impression on this fairy tale with my illustrations.

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geometric typeface

School project on geometric typeface

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I haven't got a lot of opportunities to work on logo projects, here are examples of a few design I worked on

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2D animation

Work project - Egencia Business Travel Academy Series
With the team I created the first video for our Business Travel Academy Series on "What is a GDS".

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2D/3D animation

Work project

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Hi, it's great to see you !

My name is Mai, 23-year-old Vietnamese exchange student who is doing her internship as an Audiovisual Specialist at Egencia, Expedia GROUP - Paris, France.
Here's a little video if you wish to get to know more about me
(nothing too fancy but please watch with sound on:)

Should You Hire Me ?

I know recruiters often need to consider carefully whether to spend their precious time interviewing a candidate. I would like to make this process easier for you. Below there are reasons why you would love to have me as a part of the team, and why you wouldn't..

I. Why Should You

1. A Lot To Give

I have a lot to share and to give. I'm young and I have all the enthusiasm it takes to always do my best at work, not only for responsibility but also for the pleasure it brings. On the other hand, I'm eager to learn from others. I've been working to improve my skills on various tasks, I'm polyvalent and trying to get better everyday.


2. The Solution

Design is not Art. A designer is supposed to be a problem solver. Customer-centered, listening and with fresh perspectives, for me, every problem has a solution.
Let me help you make your life easier.


3. Best Intern Ever

Mark, my boss at SophiaCloud once told me that I was the best intern he had ever had, "a little nice surprise".
May I have a chance to surprise you too ?


II. Why Shouldn't You

In many job offers I saw people looking for a designer with "excellent communication skills" (in French of course), so I think I should mention this. My level is not bad, it's good enough for me to study and work in French, however it's not as perfect as a native speaker.
Sometimes you might need a little patience communicating to me in French, but I'm practicing the language as much as possible, promised.

If you are interested nevertheless, please let me know !


A little blah about me

I would be very happy to hear from you

Either if you would like to collaborate or just fancy saying hey, then get in touch !

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